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Remarkable Reinvention

Remarkable Reinvention tells the story of RE Farm Café, a project that evolved from building a green building – “doing less harm” – to the systemic transformation of regional food production and consumption. This multi-year regenerative thinking and design project reveals the evolution and persistence of owners Duke and Monica Gastiger, and the effect on local and regional community. Download it.

Phipps 2019 Biophilic Design

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens have been leaders in pursuing responsible buildings with LEED, WELL, Sites and the Living Building Challenge. Phipps required Integrative Design Processes for their LBC projects and have now undertaken the full incorporation of biophilic thinking into the design process. This video presents the story of Phipps thoughtful evolution and takes the viewer through the design process to see firsthand how an integrative process works. Download it.

Lessons Learned

An early exploration of integrative design, showing the interaction of systems and the cost/benefit of reconciling systems interactions; used extensively in USGBC LEED AP. Commissioned by PA Department of Environmental Protection. Download it.

Performance By Design: Perspective and Practice

Produced in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute, this video demonstrates both the why and how of an integrative design process that leads to more cost-effective, higher performing buildings. Download it.

Discovery Elementary – Net Zero Energy

A portrait of a zero-energy school in Arlington, VA, produced for the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with BuildingGreen. Features school board, school facilities, architect, teachers and students insight into the benefits of a school that was built within budget and saves over $100,000 in energy costs per year. Download it.

Pittsburgh – This Remarkable Place

Using the construction of the David Lawrence Convention Center as a metaphor, this video portrays the resilience and reinvention of Pittsburgh as a green city. Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Green Building Alliance, funded by the Heinz Endowments. Download it.

The Greening of Phipps

A conversation with Richard Piacentini, director of Phipps Conservancy, that looks at Phipps’ history of green building through the Center for Sustainable Landscapes’ pursuit of the Living Building Challenge.  Watch it.

Integrating Art Into Healthcare

Capital Health focused on integrating art into their LEED Gold hospital that included commissioning local artists in a range of media. Download it.

7 First Principles of Regenerative Business

This video introduces the seven first principles of regenerative business as outlined by author, consultant, mentor Carol Sanford, and augmented by perspectives from business professionals who employ regenerative thinking.  Watch it.

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