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The entirety of our world is alive! We are a part of, and integral to this living, breathing, moving, speaking, listening, touching, defecating, squirming, decomposing, growing, interacting, complex whole of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and a part of the living world. We co-inhabit a living planet in reciprocal relationship with all other living beings. Without our fellow beings we would not long survive. We depend on other beings to pollinate plants, produce food, provide air to breath, clean water, regulate climate, decompose waste, make edible matter [...]

The Evolution of 7group

As we continually regenerate 7group our beliefs, philosophy and principles evolve. Here is the latest evolution of our thinking. The System we are seeking to Transform: Processes that develop the interactions between human world views, the built environment, and living systems. Belief:  “Humans are nature” Processes for developing how humans create and inhabit built environments can regenerate life. Human world views evolve through processes of exchange. The built environment has the potential for regenerating life. All life is sacred. Philosophy:  “Everyone plays a valuable role” Use every project and [...]

An Invitation – Not a Job Description

7group constantly seeks to develop its evolving capacity, interested in joining us?We don’t have a job opening per se. There is no job description or list of credentials we seek. We are not implementing a strategic plan by adding specific types of cogs to a machine. Such metaphors are anathema to our approach. We are shifting our thinking away from work as a job where you are told what to do, and then evaluated by a series of metrics. This involves changing our mindset from having a job, to using [...]

IBPSA Features One of Our Own

International Building Performance Simulation Association’s mission is to foster better building performance through building simulation by improving the design, construction, operation and maintenance of new and existing buildings in the United States. Each month, they highlight a member asking them to share their insights about themselves, their careers and the present and future state of energy simulation as they see it.  This month their Member Spotlight is on 7group partner, Marcus Sheffer. Learn more about how Marcus’ path led him to building energy modeling (BEM) and journey with him [...]

Experience the World in New Ways with Learning the Language of Life

Experience the World in New Ways with Learning the Language of Life A Regenerative Workshop October 12 to 15  |  Claycomb Chalets, Champion, PA Those seeking to improve and inspire their lives through nature and experience the world in transformational ways — to discover, clarify, and fully inhabit the unique essence we each hold — will benefit from Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Journey. Through this immersive retreat to the serene Claycomb Chalets amidst the beauty of the southwestern Pennsylvania forest landscape, you will emerge with new breakthrough levels of [...]

Just Playing in the Woods

Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Retreat October 12 to 15, Champion, PA At first blush, many of you will see the content of the program and wonder how this relates to green buildings or to the work that you do in the world. It’s not architecture or engineering or construction. This just looks like a fun retreat in the woods. You might be thinking: must be nice that these guys can afford to go play in the woods for a weekend. We do spend time in the [...]


Of course we made up synthegrative, so don’t try to look it up. This “word” reflects our approach to thinking, learning, projects, story and process. It combines real words, synthesis – a combination of ideas to form a theory or system, and integrative – serving or intending to unify separate things; to create a systemic vision of wholes which are greater than the sum of their parts. This reminds us that our work in regenerative design must begin with working on whole systems and not just the parts.

Our synthegrative posts will explore our thoughts, beliefs and ideas. We will share news about our events, our projects and our work. We will tell our story and the stories we find along the way.

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