In your previous experience with LEED has it added value to the project beyond attaining the owner’s goal of achieving certification and receiving a plaque?

Or in your previous experience has LEED felt like more of a paper shuffling exercise with a convoluted set of rules and requirements?

We hold the strong conviction that LEED has the potential to add considerable value to the project’s design if engaged with the right mindset and process.

An integrative process entails a deliberate attempt on the part of the design team to examine the interrelationship between the building’s various system in an attempt to optimize the performance of the whole. This examination can often yield reductions in first costs as well as operating costs but examines value beyond these surface costs by evaluating impacts on comfort, indoor air quality, and other parameters which add value to health and productivity of those working within the building. It also adds greater value to the community and ecosystem within which the project is embedded and inextricably connected.

The vast majority of the market has adopted LEED and uses it in a way that simply layers green “things” on top of standard processes. This does not actually align with the original intent of LEED and simply perpetuates the current mindset that doing what’s right has to cost more. LEED, in its proper place, is a reasonable assessment tool but a terrible design tool. We put LEED in its proper place.

Our approach is to use LEED as a value adding process, not just a series of strategies and technologies. LEED in this context is not a noun, but a verb, and used right can lead to far better design outcomes without significant added first cost. For example, energy modeling during the development of the project’s design can be used to inform and guide design decisions. This can add very specific value to the project’s bottom line by examining the synergies between building systems that can reduce first cost and significantly improve operating costs.

LEED holds considerable potential to enhance the effects your project has on the social, economic and ecological systems within which it is nested. We can help you unlock its potential by using the the right way. Used in this way LEED can add considerable value to the project beyond the plaque.

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