Evocation: the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind.

In order for us to evolve, we must recognize the trauma and resulting limiting beliefs we hold that prevents us from coming into our wholeness as human beings. We need to evoke our own regenerative capacity and capabilities if we are to heal ourselves and the traumas we inflict on one another and the other than human beings of this world.

Healthy living systems are constantly evolving. They remain healthy by aligning their evolution with the principles of nature. The same can be said for people, communities, organizations, and any human focused system (like the way we produce and consume food). Aligning the way people think, with the way that nature works, is the heart of regenerative practice/thinking/design.

This way of thinking and being is innate within us when we are born, however, our culture conditions us to forget our connections to the indigenous within ourselves, our communities, and the land we inhabit. Regenerative practice is grounded in frameworks that help us to organize and elevate our thinking. It recognizes that the larger systemic changes we seek in the world must begin with our own individual inner transformations and that we cannot do this work alone, it can only happen in community. Such communities of regenerative practice are forming all over the world including at least three groups in Pennsylvania.

What does your work and your life evoke in you and those around you? Are you at a point where you would like to regenerate your thinking, your being state and how you go about your doing? Looking to belong to a group of people seeking to potentialize themselves and their organizations to actualize transformational change? Are you curious about the nature of regenerative practice?

7group is participating in a total of seven sessions between April 6 and May 11 that will serve as introductions to regenerative practice. These sessions will immerse you in regenerative practice to help you experience how it works. Most of the sessions are free but registration is required. You can see the complete list of sessions and descriptions here.

Two sessions will focus on Philadelphia and are sponsored by Green Building United.
April 7 – Regenerating Yourself
April 27 – Regenerating Organizations

Two sessions will focus on Pittsburgh and are sponsored by the Green Building Alliance.
April 6 – Regenerative is How Your Think (not what you do)
April 21 – Becoming Regenerative

Two session will focus on Harrisburg and are sponsored by Regener8.
April 13 – Regenerating Our Communities: Foundations and Concepts
May 11 – Magnetizing Potential: Looking Beyond “Solutions”

The other session is being offered by the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) and will focus on the development of this work by nonprofits and mission driven for-profits.
April 15 – Regenerating Ourselves and Our Organizations Through a New Paradigm

We hope you can join us!