As we continually regenerate 7group our beliefs, philosophy and principles evolve. Here is the latest evolution of our thinking.

The System we are seeking to Transform:

Processes that develop the interactions between human world views, the built environment, and living systems.

Belief:  “Humans are nature”

Processes for developing how humans create and inhabit built environments can regenerate life.

  • Human world views evolve through processes of exchange.
  • The built environment has the potential for regenerating life.
  • All life is sacred.

Philosophy:  Everyone plays a valuable role”

Use every project and interaction as an instrument for developing our own and others’ capacity to engage regenerative thinking/doing/being with caring and compassion.

Principles:  “The built environment serves as an instrument for regenerating life”

  • Develop regenerative thinking . . . by engaging people in regenerative processes that builds their capacities and capabilities. Everyone in the organization engages regenerative thinking in everything we do.
  • Make it real . . . regenerative frameworks must be grounded in reality to come alive.
  • Image potential . . . which emerges when seeing wholes, not working with fragments.
  • Everything is connected . . . and contributes to the whole through reciprocal interrelationships.
  • Be of service . . . to our clients and that which they seek to transform. Build systemic affectiveness in the way that we interact with everyone.
  • Give it time . . . to evolve and develop. Slowing the process regenerates the exchanges necessary for growth.
  • Beyond ourselves . . .people come alive and regenerate energy when contributing to the greater good by working on what they really care about.
  • Give it away . . . by sharing freely what we know and do not hold anything as proprietary. Give more than we take.
  • Manifest Essence . . . in our work. Each person and place is entirely unique.

What is it you seek to transform?