7group constantly seeks to develop its evolving capacity, interested in joining us?

We don’t have a job opening per se. There is no job description or list of credentials we seek. We are not implementing a strategic plan by adding specific types of cogs to a machine. Such metaphors are anathema to our approach. We are shifting our thinking away from work as a job where you are told what to do, and then evaluated by a series of metrics. This involves changing our mindset from having a job, to using the company as an instrument to work on what aligns with the gifts each person wants to manifest and what they want to do, not just the partners but everyone. We envision our work as a manifestation of something we are called to do because it is something about which we care deeply. We want to empower everyone to think like the CEO as we are a company without one. We feel 7group is a medium for contributing such gifts to the world in alignment with our essence, our beliefs, philosophies and principles as a company (click here).

7group works on greening the built environment as an instrument for regenerating life. We provide a wide range of services to help our clients manifest what they care about. You can read more on our website here. We are a very small company with no real desire to just grow bigger like many companies. In fact, we are a company composed of a small group of companies, and we have working relationships with several other companies as informal partners. We work in webs of interrelationships and have been organically developing this way for over 20 years. We choose to be selective in the work that we do. We seek to align with those of like mind and those seeking to view the world with a new mind. We are more interested in transformative change than we are in generating profits.

In the past, when we received an expression of interest in applying for a “position” with 7group, we sent the usual rejection email thanking the applicant for their interest and telling them we would keep their information on file. Of late, we have been setting up a time to talk with those who might be interested in working with us, to share what we are doing and to offer some guidance and thoughts about what they are seeking and how they might go about doing so successfully. We view these conversations as developmental for both parties, a way to explore their potential and ours, and as way to foster reciprocal relationship.

So what do you care about? . . . Could 7group serve as an instrument for sharing it with the world?

We invite you to share your ideas and to explore how they might align with who we are and what we do. Perhaps this is a chance to further develop your current relational web of connections while expanding ours? Perhaps this is a chance for you to develop your gifts? Maybe you have an idea but not the means to implement it? Possibly you feel some significant degree of alignment with our work and yearn to know more or you have something to share that will broaden our horizons? The growth we seek has a clear aim and general direction, but we have no preconceived notion of what might emerge in the process of regenerating.

We looking forward to discovering with you what may become.

Connect with us here.