Experience the World in New Ways
with Learning the Language of Life

A Regenerative Workshop
October 12 to 15  |  Claycomb Chalets, Champion, PA

Those seeking to improve and inspire their lives through nature and experience the world in transformational ways — to discover, clarify, and fully inhabit the unique essence we each hold — will benefit from Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Journey. Through this immersive retreat to the serene Claycomb Chalets amidst the beauty of the southwestern Pennsylvania forest landscape, you will emerge with new breakthrough levels of intuition and awakening.

Appropriate for anyone on a journey of discovery across all interests and abilities, this seminal experience will:

  • Interweave concepts of regeneration and permaculture to embed the systems of the living world in your everyday thinking
  • Reveal the powerful lessons found deep within nature’s living systems and indigenous ways of knowing
  • Unearth the power of working with patterns to identify new opportunities for insight and innovation
  • Explore the body, landscape and mind through observation, movement and dialog
  • Guide the way to re-enter nature’s mind, remove barriers and advance opportunities, from the personal and professional to the planetary

Our journey will unfold over three days and nights, beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday, October 12 and ending at noon on Monday, October 15. Sleeping arrangements can be made in your choice of cabins or outdoor camping. All meals are included.

The workshop will be led by Joel Glanzberg, a renowned permaculturalist, tracker, author, educator and systems thinker who has taught throughout the United States as well as in Africa and South America, and worked with a variety of Native American tribes and communities. His diverse client base includes communities, colleges and universities, government agencies, and private developers.

Learning the Language of Life is a collaborative partnership between Phipps and 7group, consultants that regularly offer learning experiences aimed toward deepening the interconnections of humans as an integral part of our living world. 7group partners will be participants in the event, assisting Joel to deliver portions of the program content.

Journeying together, our attention will be focused outward, toward the world, to ignite a transformational, nature-based experience that will lead to personal revelation and regeneration. Click here to sign up — a very limited number of spaces is available, and we hope to have you with us.