Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Workshop
with Joel Glanzberg and 7group

Claycomb Chalets
114 Claycomb Chalets Lane
Champion, PA 15622 (near Seven Springs)
12-15 October 2018

“Most of our problems are caused by thinking differently than Nature works.”     –Gregory Bateson

Patterns are the language of Life, our original mother tongue. By triangulating the perspectives of traditional tracking (pattern reading), living systems thinking (pattern thinking) and regenerative design (pattern design), we can relearn to see with Nature’s Mind and act as essential members of this living world with essential roles. She is dying for us to play.

Because all living systems follow the same patterns, learning to read them reveals where and how we can contribute to growing their health. We need to learn how to be open observers, clearing the mirror of our minds to see behind the surface to the workings of the life of systems and how to find our place as active participants within them.

This workshop will be useful for designers, artists and practitioners of all sorts, as well as anyone interested in awareness and seeing the world in a different way. It is open to all levels of abilities. Though we will be using our bodies, it will not be overly rigorous and is appropriate for all physical abilities.

Joel Glanzberg, seasoned permaculturalist, tracker and systems thinker, will guide our use of techniques from many traditions to explore the patterns in our bodies, our breath, the landscape, society and our minds, and will take us from verbal and non-verbal dialog to movement, as well as silent observation, learning visceral ways to experience how living systems work, and how to take our effective places within them. Re-entering Nature’s Mind, we will learn to see the least change for the greatest effect and how to solve problems from the personal to the professional and the planetary . . . more at www.patternmind.org.

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