How has your thinking about what constitutes a green building changed over time?

Is a green building a collection of components with green attributes?

Is simply doing less harm good enough? Are we slowing down our impacts fast enough?

Can doing good offset the damage we have caused?

Can humanity shift from degrading living systems to helping all beings thrive? If yes, can we meet our own needs while doing so?

What is sustainability trying to sustain?

How can a system designed to constantly evolve reach a state of sustainability?

Can technology address the ecological imperatives we face on the planet?

Can we achieve sustainability without a significant shift in our worldviews?

Do humans have the capacity to change their worldview absent dramatic crisis?

Can we restore some idealized version of the past? Should we?

What are the roles of human beings in a healthy ecosystem? How does this change the way we view our projects?

What is required of us to shift our thinking?

7group partners John Boecker and Marcus Sheffer will be facilitating a discussion about these questions and others you may have at GreenCon on Wednesday, March 14th at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. This session will tell the story of the evolution of our thinking and approach toward the application of regenerative principles. Come join the conversation to experience where this path may lead.