We will be working on developing each unique human’s capacity to play their role (and manifest their particular essence) in service to the vitality and viability of all life in a particular place. We see this as a process of reciprocity that seeks to grow and develop potential in each and all entities nested within the whole. The most effective nodal point for actualizing such systemic transformation is working on how we, as humans, are thinking about our role on the planet.

David Abram will lead us in an experience of feeling into a deeper connection with all the living beings that surround us as we delve into the role of human beings on the animate earth. The retreat will be co-hosted by the regenerative designers at 7group and Spillian, a world-class center for imaginal work and play in the Catskills mountains of New York.

Come join us in our journey through this extraordinary exploration with acclaimed cultural ecologist and philosopher David Abram and friends working in regeneration and story! Learn more about this powerful event, Our Story: HumanNature, designed to break open our understanding of how humans can contribute to, rather than detract from, life.