Having helped builders, designers, architects and owners for more than 21 years understand green building, having worked with USGBC to create the LEED green building rating system, and having deeper engagements with regenerative practice for the past 8 years, we are now imagining the next step in the trajectory of thinking beyond sustainable practice . . . a whole new way to explore how humans, their built environment and the natural world develop a co-evolutionary way of nurturing life. It begins with an understanding of how living systems function through direct observation and experience, and deepens as we learn to see and feel from the perspective of ourselves as fellow animate beings.

Join us as we continue our journey – through story, experiences and immersion in the living, breathing earth – into an evolving focus on deeply regenerative work.

Learn more about this powerful event, Our Story: HumanNature, designed to break open our understanding of how humans can contribute to, rather than detract from, life.

To sign up for this extraordinary exploration with acclaimed cultural ecologist and philosopher David Abram and friends working in regeneration and story taking place from October 1-4, 2017, visit: spillian.com.